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2012 Mike Goodes Collegiate Scholarship Award Recipients

The Charity Classic Pro-Am benefits the Triad Youth Golf Foundation and the Mike Goodes Scholarship Fund. The fund lends a helping hand to aspiring young golfers who demonstrate dedication and passion in developing their skills. We are excited to announce three award recipients for this year’s college bound scholarships. Each recipient received $1000 towards their collegiate experience.

Hear from the recipients and how TYGF has affected their life:

Taylor Allison

How have golf and involvement in the TYGF positively influenced my life? I think a more effective way is to explain how much I’ve gained is to consider what I would have missed had I said no when my granddad asked me to play in the TYGF Little League at Bur-Mill Park in 2003.

I would have missed lessons with Chris Haarlow and other instructors where I learned not only how to become a better player but also a better person by being taught the value of practice and discipline. I wouldn’t have played a one hundred holes marathon, running down the fairways in an attempt to play all the holes before dark. I wouldn’t have had the privilege to be an original member of the Peggy Kirk Bell Tour or have the personal challenge of competing against such gifted players. I would never have had the agonizing experience of turning in a wrong score in a tournament and later having the gratifying feeling of knowing I did the right thing even though it resulted in disqualification. I never would have been recruited by various colleges or received a partial golf scholarship from Western Carolina University. Ultimately, without the TYGF experience, I wouldn’t be the golfer or person I am today.

Caleb Keck

Triad Youth Golf Foundation has been and always will be a huge part of my life because it has given me a firm foundation to base my competitive golf on. Not only have I been lucky to play in tournaments sponsored by TYGF, but I am also proud to be a part of this association. It is a great catalyst for youth like me to start their golfing career while learning various core values that are strongly needed in life. Thank you for letting me be a part of this non-profit organization that has lent me a helping hand. Moreover, I feel TYGF has played a vital part in given me the opportunity to play college golf in the fall at Appalachian State University. I plan to be a great student and a great college golfer.

Bryan Griffin

I started golf with TYGF when I was eight years old, and was introduced to competitive golf through Little League and Futures Team Golf. For years after, I participated in events such as Parent-Child Tournaments and after-school group lessons. I have fond memories of the 100 hole marathons at Ironplay and Bur-Mil. Golf has been a driving force in my life. It has taught be patience and flexibility. People I have met through golf have become my closest friends and mentors, and I am happy to know these people.

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